Representing and Interpreting Proportional Relationships

This Representing and Interpreting Proportional Relationships unit also includes:

The class gets valuable practice evaluating and analyzing linear relationship in this group of activities. Interpreting rate of change in algebraic and graphical ways is presented in a non-intimidating and natural way, using realistic situations. Mathematicians practice building the relationship equations, and then interpreting the numerical answers in context; valuable skills for developing mathematical thought process. The resources, student work examples, and teaching tips included are frosting on the cake of an already strong activity set.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use rubrics and graded examples for end-of-course test preparation
  • Have learners find and analyze proportional relationships in everyday life (budgeting considerations or sport statistics, for example)
  • Extensive teaching notes make this a possible unit for a substitute teacher or remediation group to use more independently
Classroom Considerations

  • Cost information for video game references will eventually date this activity 

  • Multiple-leveled and annotated responses to performance task offer insight into multiple approach methods
  • Relevant and easily read problems make the material approachable and non-intimidating for learners
  • Scaffolding of formative work and final assessment leads to deeper understanding of proportional relationship
  • Equal emphasis on algebraic and graphical methods

  • No answer key provided for initial/formative assessments
  • Specific unit-based resource Overruled! link on page 54 ( is a dead link
  • Missing calculation steps on the bottom of page 53