Remembrance Day Art Lesson: The Origin of the Poppy

As part of a celebration of Remembrance Day/Veterans's Day class members view a PowerPoint that provides background information on the adoption of the poppy as the symbol for Remembrance Day, on the poppy campaign, and instructions for constructing a poppy using construction paper.

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Instructional Ideas

  • If possible, bring in live poppies, as well as model paper poppies, to share with the class
  • Ask class members to interview their families about relatives who might have served in armed conflicts
Classroom Considerations

  • Considerable prep time is needed to gather and prepare materials
  • While the PowerPoint itself is not included in the packet, the pages may easily be converted to PowerPoint slides

  • The packet includes information about Lt. Col. John McCrae, images of Flanders Fields, McCrae's poem, and step-by-step directions for making the poppy

  • The activity would work best if included as a part of a more in-depth study of Remembrance Day