Remember the Titans

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Do your pupils mingle freely, or do they form their own tight-knit groups? Introduce them to the importance of understanding differences and tolerance with an anti-bullying lesson. A clip from Remember the Titans demonstrates the efforts of a new coach in breaking down racial barriers among football teammates.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have individuals seek a partner outside their groups and interview that person to learn more 
  • As a class, ask learners if they feel the school community as a whole is tolerant or intolerant, then challenge them to come up with a project to promote cultural awareness
Classroom Considerations

  • If your class is primarily of a single race, consider approaching the lesson from the standpoint of economic status or another common reason for divisiveness 

  • Activity makes for an excellent first week of school lesson plan to start the year off right
  • The discussion questions are thoughtfully worded 

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