Reading an Informational Text: "It All Started with Sputnik"

This Reading an Informational Text: "It All Started with Sputnik" lesson plan also includes:

Sputnik was one of the greatest scientific advancements of the 1950s, and this reading lesson does it justice. Pupils start off with pre-reading questions and a video. They then read an excerpt from an article, which is accompanied by vocabulary, short-answer questions, and other close reading tasks. Small groups work on the questions together and all pupils must decide on the author's purpose. Also included is a set of writing assignment suggestions, which could use more detail.

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CCSS: Designed
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Classroom Considerations
  • Make sure to type in the video URL; clicking the link will take you to an error page
  • The writing assignments are only briefly explained and will need more development and scaffolding
  • Lesson is designed for the Common Core with a focus on text complexity, academic language, and main ideas and details
  • Encourages class members to use context clues, summarize as they read, go back into the text, and mark the text
  • Connects to both STEM and language arts content objectives
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