Ratios and Proportional Relationships

This Ratios and Proportional Relationships unit also includes:

This comprehensive unit on proportional thinking is an excellent resource for any middle-school math class, whether added wholesale to the curriculum or used to supplement existing material. Lead-in problems and activities culminate in a multi-problem capstone worksheet, with teaching supports and suggestions provided along the way. Add in the detailed rubrics for all the activities and the annotated student examples for the main worksheet and you have a valuable instructional activity set for years to come.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Consider using the included support problems for bell-ringers or review questions in the weeks after the unit on proportional reasoning ends
  • Have learners investigate and compare their own ratio data sets; for example, gender ratios in the classroom, school, city, state, and country
  • Link with a lesson in a cooking class on re-sizing recipes, or have a chef guest speaker and demonstration
Classroom Considerations
  • Many accommodations and supports for diverse learners are included for each activity throughout the teaching notes
  • Visually-impaired learners might have a hard time with the tiny print on the main activity
  • Weaknesses in finding equivalent fractions will show up early in the activity, so have remediation handy 
  • Extensive examples and scaffolded problems cover the topic of proportional reasoning thoroughly
  • Includes suggestions for accommodations and adaptations for diverse learners for almost every activity
  • Rubrics and student work examples provided
  • Resource link to the Connected Math Project on the bottom of page 63 is a dead link
  • Teaching supports at the bottom of page 103 / top of 104 are blank
  • Support activities, answer keys, and teaching resources are jumbled together at the end of the packet