Ratio Reasoning

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The language of rates and ratios forms a common thread through this wide-reaching main problem set and its accompanying support work. Learners mix paint, size copies, distribute candy, and shop for good deals throughout these problems. In each, they must use and explain the proportional reasoning behind their answers. By taking common situations and bringing them into the classroom, this packet really helps develop a learner's intuition for the right method and outcome to solve a problem. With the extensive teaching notes, rubrics, and annotated student work, this is a lesson set that makes a great addition to any rates and ratio curriculum.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Break the class into groups and have each make parallel problems similar to the main activity problems, then trade questions with another group
  • Consider breaking up the supporting activities to make bell-ringers or review problems for the weeks after the ratios lessons have finished
  • Encourage the class to do community research and create similar ratios and unit rate problems, using local store ads, demographic information, or hardware store paint chips
  • Have a local artist visit and give a painting or paint mixing demo
Classroom Considerations

  • Multiple adaptations and accommodations are included throughout the teaching notes for all activities
  • Visually impaired learners might struggle with the small type size in some of the main activity
  • Weakness in finding equivalent fractions will quickly surface, so having remediation ready for those topics would streamline the learning process

  • Real-life examples help mesh arithmetic skills with common sense intuition
  • Support materials build logically and carefully from previous fraction knowledge
  • Annotated student answers, teaching notes, and rubrics provide clear guidance to keep instruction aligned with assessment

  • Of the resource links provided on page 58, only the Leonardo Da Vinci Activity is a valid link
  • Answer keys for support work are missing (Piano Task) or incomplete (Best Deal)