Purification of ‘Kewu' (Saltpetre)

This Purification of ‘Kewu' (Saltpetre) lesson plan also includes:

How do we get salt out of sea water? The first lesson plan in a seven-part series encourages scholars to purify a substance through dissolution, filtration, and evaporation. Starting with a solid mixture in which the wanted ingredient is soluble, a series of precise steps allow for the removal of a pure substance.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Explain what Kewu is and how it is used in Ghana
  • Connect the purification process to that used by water treatment plants near you
Classroom Considerations
  • Follow all safety rules for open flames and heat
  • Connects science, math, and social studies content
  • Offers ideas for other mixtures to be used if you don't have access to impure kewu
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