Prosthetic Prototype

Could the next innovation in biomedical engineering come from someone in your class? With a list of household supplies and an assignment to create a prosthetic prototype, your future scientists work to build a durable and life-like limb for a person in need.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have kids work on the project independently at home, or during class in small groups
  • Assign a research project for kids to learn more about biomedical engineering or prosthetic limbs
  • See if your class can create a prosthetic prototype with materials other than those listed
Classroom Considerations

  • Designed as a STEM activity for girls, but you could easily adapt it for a class with boys as well

  • A great addition to a health class, science class, or language arts lesson about informational text
  • Straightforward and easy to follow—allows kids to think critically about their own inventing process

  • None