Proportional Reasoning

This Proportional Reasoning unit also includes:

Rates, ratios, and proportions get the star treatment in this detailed and extensive pre-algebra unit. The main performance activity comes in several parts and thoroughly covers much of the standard curriculum involving proportional relationships. Annotated student work and rubrics are also provided for this activity, really honing in on what a clear and careful answer looks like. Add in the many pages of teaching references, lead-in activities, and differentiation suggestions to enhance any pre-algebra curriculum.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Have the class work the main task as an open-response practice problem, then self- or partner-grade using the rubric and annotated examples
  • A great review or substitute plan to set aside for after introducing fraction arithmetic 
  • Consider using manipulatives and dividing the class into groups to solve the problem, especially if using early in the teaching of fraction arithmetic
Classroom Considerations

  • A wealth of Universal Design, ELL, and SPED accommodations are provided throughout the material, if needed
  • Several blank pages are included in the benchmark rubrics, if copying costs are a concern

  • Incredibly detailed supports and teaching references, including common sticking points and remediation suggestions
  • Multiple lead-in problems and activities to final performance assessment make for easy integration into current lessons

  • Part of the graph in the student cumulative activity (number 3b, page 7) and accompanying rubric (page 21) is missing. Page 45's annotated student work has a model of the graph to recreate, if desired
  • Top line of page 65 is missing spaces between words
  • Answer keys, rubrics, and teaching supports all jumbled together in the supporting materials