Practice with Preventing Plagiarism

This Practice with Preventing Plagiarism worksheet also includes:

"Is it plagiarism? Why or why not?" A two-part activity provides writers with an opportunity to practice preventing plagiarism. Part One presents five scenarios and participants must decide if the situation represents plagiarism. Part Two entails reading an original source and three student samples based on the source. Again, participants must answer the questions, "Is it plagiarism? Why or why not?"

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CCSS: Adaptable

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have individuals complete the worksheet and then share and discuss their responses in small groups before a whole-class discussion
  • Assign groups one scenario for discussion and then have groups share their conclusions with the whole class

  • Each scenario presents a real-world, sticky, ethical situation
  • A link to a site with information on citing sources is provided



  • Consider substituting a link to the Modern Language Association Style Guide for the Hartness Library link
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