Pompeii: An Irresponsible Decision or Unexpected Disaster?

This Pompeii: An Irresponsible Decision or Unexpected Disaster? unit also includes:

Living in dangerous places is nothing new. From Pompeii and its volcano to New Orleans and its vulnerability to hurricanes, humans must always contend with natural forces. Pupils first examine the history of Pompeii and then analyze the pros and cons of living in places that are prone to disaster using readings and graphic organizers. After a debate, individuals write their own persuasive essays on the topic and explore the responsibilities people have when living in these areas. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use the scaffold debate activity to discuss whether the people of Pompeii should have evacuated sooner
  • Offer resources to prepare learners to write persuasive essays on whether people should live in dangerous places
Classroom Considerations
  • Last resource of six in the Ancient Civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome series
  • Resource makes clear connections between the disaster Pompeii faced and similar modern problems 
  • Activities allow for a scaffolded approach to prepare for a debate and persuasive writing assignment
  • None