Plant Life: How Does Your Garden Grow

Get your botanists growing with this STEM lesson plan. Your super scientists measure soil, plant, observe, record, then graph and present their findings to answer the driving question, How do different fertilizers affect the growth of plants?  

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use a journal to record daily hypotheses and experimental observations 
  • Conduct this lesson around the time of Back to School Night or Open House to have each group's plants out for display
  • Treat this experiment as a classroom science fair; have learners create display boards, and present findings to you and other visitors as part of the final assessment 
Classroom Considerations

  • Class members should be familiar with measuring, and the terms volume, mass, and depth 
  • Review the materials list and gather what you choose to use as some materials are optional 
  • Pupil instructions do not provide much guidance from the teacher; depending on your class, some scholars may need extra support 

  • The teacher directions are detailed
  • the author's personal reflections are listed throughout the plan 
  • Side notes with extended explanations are listed for most parts of the lesson  

  • The scanned Double Bubble Map on page 18 is off sides
  • The literature connection, smart board slides, and videos referenced are not provided making some parts of the lesson obsolete