Phylum Chordata

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Help young biologists find their place in the animal kingdom with a life science presentation on the phylum chordata. Over the course of 54 slides, your class will dive deeper and deeper into the hierarchy of biological classification, identifying the unique characteristics that define different forms of life on Earth.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Break this presentation up over the course of a life science unit on the animal kingdom
  • Separate the class into small groups and have them research and give presentations about the different classes of animals described in the resource
  • Create a note-taking guide for the class to complete as they work through this presentation
  • Photographs, illustrations, and diagrams are included throughout the presentation as visual support
  • Offers clear descriptions of each class and sub-class of animals included in the phylum chordata
  • Resource is downloadable as a PowerPoint file, allowing teachers to make any changes they deem necessary
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