Phrases and Clauses Worksheet

There are many different types of clauses and phrases, and your class can practice them while reading and adding to a story about Grammar Man and his battle with the Fragmenter, the Cell Phony, and other grammar villains! For the first section here, pupils identify adverb clauses, adjective clauses, prepositional phrases, participial phrases, gerund phrases, infinitive phrases, appositives, and absolute phrases. In the second section, which is similar to a Mad Lib™, learners fill in each blank with the designated phrase or clause type.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • The topic is silly, fun, and still on-topic
  • Provides two ways to practice with clauses and phrases
  • Answers are not included
  • You may need to provide another page or additional instruction that defines and explains each type of phrase and clause; this worksheet is meant to review many different types