Personal Healing

People grieve in different ways, but many seek a common place to remember and pay tribute to lost loved ones and countrymen. Middle schoolers embark on a research project in which they find various forms of memorialization and answer questions about whom they represent, the purpose of each memorial, and the intended audience for each.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Prompt learners to write a journal entry about their experience of loss, or lead a discussion about different sources of grief in their lives
  • Talk about the world sacrifice in the context of rescue workers and first responders
  • Link to a social studies lesson about American symbols of patriotism
Classroom Considerations
  • Consider bulking up the lesson objectives, as they address understanding and not observable skills
  • Provides links to additional lessons and auxiliary materials
  • Fosters analysis skills for both familiar and unfamiliar concepts
  • Objectives do not address observable skills