Our Solar System

A tantalizing video about our solar system raises more questions than it answers, which is exactly the point. After watching the video, groups are assigned a planet to research. They develop a PowerPoint that includes key details, fascinating facts, and recent discoveries about their planet then share their presentation with the class.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Before assigning the research project, create and post a list of questions pupils have after watching the video
  • Direct researchers to be sure to answer the questions about their planet in their presentation
Classroom Considerations
  • Plan for extra prep time to assembly reference books and articles about the solar system
  • Requires computers with PowerPoint software
  • Presumes learners have experience using PowerPoint to craft presentations
  • As an exit ticket individuals write down an interesting fact about a planet other than their own
  • Includes suggestions for differentiation and extension ideas
  • None