Our Community's Place Among the Stars

But isn't the Milky Way a candy bar? Lead a detailed discussion on the complex topic of our solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy as the class explores stellar evolution, structure, and investigates the relationship between luminosity and magnitude. They conclude with a discussion on the effects of stars, especially the death of stars, on Earth and its atmosphere.    

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have students create a model of the Milky Way Galaxy using edible objects or art supplies and display it in the room
  • Allow the class to further research star variations and life spans; have them use PowerPoint to present their findings
Classroom Considerations
  • Assist ELLs with any discussion topics or research on the Internet to allow for better acquisition of materials presented
  • Provides the class with a detailed way to understand a complex topic and relates it to their place in the universe
  • Allows for multiple ways of expansion, both for students who are advanced in capabilities and for those who require additional assistance due to special needs
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