Organize Ideas for Writing Using a Short Plan

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Everyone has opinions, but to be persuasive opinions need to be supported with facts and details. Working with thesis statements from the previous lesson, learners brainstorm reasons that support their ideas. Be sure that your students understand that their supporting reasons should be facts, not just additional opinions about their topic. Consider providing a graphic organizer that helps young writers structure their ideas and supports their writing of paragraphs in the following lesson.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
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  • Includes examples of common mistakes to avoid in persuasive writing
  • Provides clear examples that model how to support an opinion with reasons and details
  • Lesson is adaptable to Common Core writing standards across the upper-elementary grade levels
  • Assumes a prior knowledge about using a short plan to organize writing
  • Requires a clear explanation of the overall structure of a persuasive essay
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