Oreo Cookies and Plate Tectonics

This Oreo Cookies and Plate Tectonics activity & project also includes:

Do you prefer your cookies with transform plate boundaries or divergent plate boundaries? Learn about fault lines and plate tectonics with an informative and delicious hands-on activity. Using a cookie to represent the earth's lithosphere, asthenosphere, and lower mantle, middle schoolers slide the pieces in different directions to simulate plate movement.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Encourage learners to research the closest fault lines in their neighborhood, or the most recent earthquakes in their area
  • Use in a science station for pairs to rotate through
Classroom Considerations

  • Check for food allergies before distributing cookies
  • Though the lesson is designed for middle schoolers, it would work for younger kids as well
  • Doesn't include a lab sheet or observation page, so you'll need to provide one

  • A great way to visualize a complex concept
  • Provides visuals to indicate correct movement

  • None