Ocean and Great Lakes Literacy: Principle 3

How do the oceans and Great Lakes influence weather and climate? Part three of a seven-part series about salt and freshwater examines the impact large bodies of water have on the skies above us. Included in the lesson is a study of rising Arctic temperatures and the effect the increase is having on the planet.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Show examples of the relationship between changing ocean temperatures and severe weather
  • Ask the class about their experiences with weather near large bodies of water; if your school is land-locked, guide their thinking toward trips to the beach and the differences they noticed there
Classroom Considerations

  • Both activities are suitable for middle and high school science scholars
  • Discuss some simple feedback loops, like a home heating and cooling system, with younger learners to help with the feedback concept

  • Pupils use a variety of map types during activity one, which helps them become comfortable with different ways to communicate scientific information
  • The teacher's guide contains a wealth of resources to help you plan and guide the investigations

  • Links provided in the introduction and on page seven for additional resources are no longer valid