Observing and Recording Plant Life Cycles

Scholars review the life cycle of plants with a presentation then complete a graphic organizer. A time-lapse video hooks learners as they set up their observation journals. Pupils plant a seed and officially begin their experiment. Participants examine their plant daily, measure it, take notes, and draw pictures. A paragraph details the life cycle of a plant. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Display the life cycle of a plant on a bulletin board—including pictures and labels—keep observation journals nearby for visitors to browse when able 
  • Transfer plants to an outside garden when observations are complete 
  • If you have leftover seeds, pass them out to class members that want to plant something at home 
Classroom Considerations
  • Preparation requires copies of worksheets and gathering materials for the experiment as well as for journaling 
  • The lesson follows the same routine each day while participants observe a plant
  • Learners make observations using words and pictures 
  • None