Number Line Graphic Organizer for Elapsed Time

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Introduce young mathematicians to the concept of elapsed time with this simple upper-elementary math lesson. Using the help of the included number line graphic organizers, children work through a series of guided and independent practice problems as they learn how to determine the passage of time.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Supplement this lesson into a math series on elapsed time in the upper-elementary grade levels
  • Draw a large number line on the class whiteboard, or use masking tape to create one on the floor, and have students physically act out elapsed time examples provided in the lesson
  • Differentiate the practice exercises by assigning specific problems that meet the learning needs of individual students
Classroom Considerations

  • Lesson assumes children are able to read analog clocks and understand the difference between AM and PM

  • Worksheets include a variety of word problems that ask children to determine either the starting time, ending time, or elapsed time in different real-world situations
  • Multiple graphic organizers are provided that support the different learning needs of students
  • Practice exercises require students draw the hands on analog clocks to represent starting and ending times
  • Resource offers an additional activity that extends learning about elapsed time

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