Next Generation Science Standards

Are you having trouble deciphering the Next Generation Science Standards on the website, or just trying to find the standards for your grade in a quick-and-easy format? If so, here is a free and easy-to-navigate app made with you in mind.

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App Overview


Take a look through all the documents and appendices associated with the NGSS.

  • Front Matter: A 14-page document including the Executive Summary, which describes the purpose and design of the standards and the Introduction, explaining the elements and connections to the framework from which the NGSS were created
  • Structure: A guide for how to read the standards online:
    • System Architecture
    • Performance Expectations
    • Foundation Boxes
    • Connection Boxes
    • Color Coding
  • NRC Framework: links directly to the website where the Framework for K-12 Science Education can be downloaded
  • Appendices: Explore the following topics:
    • Conceptual Shifts
    • Responses to Public Drafts
    • College and Career Readiness
    • All Standards, All Students/Case Studies
    • Disciplinary Core Idea Progressions
    • Science and Engineering Practices
    • Crosscutting Concepts
    • Nature of Science
    • Engineering Design in the NGSS
    • Science, Technology, Society, and the Environment
    • Model Course Mapping in Middle and High School
    • Connections to CCSS-Mathematics
    • Connections to CCSS-Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects


When viewing the standards, tap on a standard in any of the following categories to see the performance expectation, clarification statement (as needed), assessment boundaries, as well as the connections to science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, crosscutting concepts, Common Core connections, and other NGSS standards across the grade levels that correlate to the selected topic.

  • DCI Arrangement: View standards by grade level and content area
  • Topic Arrangement: Similar to the DCI Arrangement, but sorted by more general categories
  • Conceptual Progression: For middle or high school, provides three suggested scope and sequences to ensure the ideas are presented in a logical manner
  • Domains Model: Sift through the standards by content areas in middle and high school
    • MS Physical Science
    • MS Life Science
    • MS Earth and Space Science
    • HS Biology
    • HS Chemistry
    • HS Physics
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Instructional Ideas
  • Align existing lessons to NGSS by searching for topics
  • Find all your grade level standards quickly and easily using the DCI Arrangement option
  • Encourage parents and kids to get the app to track their own progress through the standards
  • Plan classroom activities using the performance expectations laid out in each standard
  • Integrate engineering and technology standards and affiliated Common Core math to develop a STEM-based curriculum
Classroom Considerations

If kids and/or parents are using the NGSS app, they may need support in understanding how to navigate the standards.

  • Four different ways to search the standards
  • Easier to navigate than the NGSS website
  • Every standard includes the accompanying science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts, as well as any correlated Common Core standards
  • None
K-PS2-1 K-PS2-2 K-PS3-1 K-PS3-2 K-LS1-1 K-ESS2-1 K-ESS2-2 K-ESS3-1 K-ESS3-2 K-ESS3-3 1-PS4-2 1-PS4-3 1-PS4-4 1-LS1-1 1-LS1-2 1-LS3-1 1-ESS1-1 1-ESS1-2 2-PS1-1 2-PS1-2 2-PS1-3 2-PS1-4 2-LS2-1 2-LS2-2 2-LS4-1 2-ESS2-1 2-ESS2-2 2-ESS2-3 K-2-ETS1-1 K-2-ETS1-2 K-2-ETS1-3 3-PS2-1 3-PS2-2 3-PS2-3 3-PS2-4 3-LS1-1 3-LS2-1 3-LS3-1 3-LS3-2 3-LS4-1 3-LS4-2 3-LS4-3 3-LS4-4 3-ESS2-1 3-ESS2-2 3-ESS3-1 4-PS3-1 4-PS3-2 4-PS3-3 4-PS3-4 4-PS4-1 4-PS4-2 4-PS4-3 4-LS1-1 4-LS1-2 4-ESS1-1 4-ESS2-1 4-ESS2-2 4-ESS3-1 4-ESS3-2 5-PS1-1 5-PS1-2 5-PS1-3 5-PS1-4 5-PS2-1 5-PS3-1 5-LS1-1 5-LS2-1 5-ESS1-1 5-ESS1-2 5-ESS2-1 5-ESS2-2 5-ESS3-1 3-5-ETS1-1 3-5-ETS1-2 3-5-ETS1-3 MS-PS1-1 MS-PS1-2 MS-PS1-3 MS-PS1-4 MS-PS1-5 MS-PS1-6 MS-PS2-1 MS-PS2-2 MS-PS2-3 MS-PS2-4 MS-PS2-5 MS-PS3-1 MS-PS3-2 MS-PS3-3 MS-PS3-4 MS-PS3-5 MS-PS4-1 MS-PS4-2 MS-PS4-3 MS-LS1-1 MS-LS1-2 MS-LS1-3 MS-LS1-4 MS-LS1-5 MS-LS1-6 MS-LS1-7 MS-LS1-8 MS-LS2-1 MS-LS2-2 MS-LS2-3 MS-LS2-4 MS-LS2-5 MS-LS3-1 MS-LS3-2 MS-LS4-1 MS-LS4-2 MS-LS4-3 MS-LS4-4 MS-LS4-5 MS-LS4-6 MS-ESS1-1 MS-ESS1-2 MS-ESS1-3 MS-ESS1-4 MS-ESS2-1 MS-ESS2-2 MS-ESS2-3 MS-ESS2-4 MS-ESS2-5 MS-ESS2-6 MS-ESS3-1 MS-ESS3-2 MS-ESS3-3 MS-ESS3-4 MS-ESS3-5 MS-ETS1-1 MS-ETS1-2 MS-ETS1-3 MS-ETS1-4 HS-PS1-1 HS-PS1-2 HS-PS1-3 HS-PS1-4 HS-PS1-5 HS-PS1-6 HS-PS1-7 HS-PS1-8 HS-PS2-1 HS-PS2-2 HS-PS2-3 HS-PS2-4 HS-PS2-5 HS-PS2-6 HS-PS3-1 HS-PS3-2 HS-PS3-3 HS-PS3-4 HS-PS3-5 HS-PS4-1 HS-PS4-2 HS-PS4-3 HS-PS4-4 HS-PS4-5 HS-LS1-1 HS-LS1-2 HS-LS1-3 HS-LS1-4 HS-LS1-5 HS-LS1-6 HS-LS1-7 HS-LS2-1 HS-LS2-2 HS-LS2-3 HS-LS2-4 HS-LS2-5 HS-LS2-6 HS-LS2-7 HS-LS2-8 HS-LS3-1 HS-LS3-2 HS-LS3-3 HS-LS4-1 HS-LS4-2 HS-LS4-3 HS-LS4-4 HS-LS4-5 HS-LS4-6 HS-ESS1-1 HS-ESS1-2 HS-ESS1-3 HS-ESS1-4 HS-ESS1-5 HS-ESS1-6 HS-ESS2-1 HS-ESS2-2 HS-ESS2-3 HS-ESS2-4 HS-ESS2-5 HS-ESS2-6 HS-ESS2-7 HS-ESS3-1 HS-ESS3-2 HS-ESS3-3 HS-ESS3-4 HS-ESS3-5 HS-ESS3-6 HS-ETS1-1 HS-ETS1-2 HS-ETS1-3 HS-ETS1-4