Multiply Radical Expressions

This short presentation on multiplying radicals together and with the distributive property does a nice job of working out, step by step, three examples start to finish. Care is taken to separate the radicand multiplication from the coefficients, and even when the numbers are similar, to avoid mixing or combining them. In the distributive property example, even the sidebar work to simplify one of the radicands is shown explicitly. A great addition to shake up your standard seat work in the radical expressions unit.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Post link on class website for extra practice with explanations
  • Give the class a number and have them create radical expressions that could multiply to give the simplified answer
  • Use as an alternate to traditional bellringer problems, pausing video between problem and worked solution
Classroom Considerations
  • Viewing the video requires access to the Internet 
  • The first two examples work out to be perfect squares, which might lead to the assumption that it is always the case
  • Only square roots are addressed, if higher order radicals need to be covered in your curriculum
  • Easy to understand and clear narration
  • Problems fully explained and worked step by step
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes explained throughout the video
  • Only the third, distributive property example shows non-perfect squares. This could lead to confusion that single term multiplication always results in an integer answer
  • No seatwork or guided practice examples provided
  • No printable problem sets or work-along slides available
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