MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined - Practice Multiplication

Most math teachers will appreciate this app because of its emphasis on the fundamental skill of knowing the times tables. While both speed and accuracy may be a worthwhile goal, this app lets you stress accuracy over speed, if needed, and then when you are ready, you can put the two together.   

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CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

The MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined app has four different unique ways to strengthen you multiplication skills.

  • Enter the Flow: Timed practice
    • Normal: 5 seconds for each question
    • Beginner: 10 seconds for each question
  • Mad Minute: One minute to get as many correct as possible.
    • Easy: number range: 1 to 12 x 1 to 12
    • Hard: number range: 6 to 20 x 13 to 20
  • Reversals: Given a number, find a correct pair of factors.
    • Easy
    • Normal
    • Hard
  • Pick 'em: Choose the numbers you would like to work with; then answer 50 questions correctly. User is not finished until he hits his target number of correct answers. 
    • Easy: number range x 1 to 12
    • Hard: number range x 13 to 20
    • All: number range x 1 to 20


  • Reports: Information about problems, average time, and accuracy can be viewed on the app or sent as a CSV file to an e-mail account. 
  • Users: Individual user names can be created and their progress can be monitored
  • Music and sound effects can be turned off or on
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Instructional Ideas

  • Use this app to allow students to work at their own pace and level of expertise with individual milestones and check points
  • Recommend this app for remediation work
  • Some of the levels can be quite challenging, allow pupils to work in small groups or teams to see if they can develop strategies to do better
Classroom Considerations

This app is part of the series of app by the same developer, including FlowPlus (integer addition and subtraction skills) and DivisionFlow (integer division skills including remainders).



  • Allows user to work on multiplication skills practice in a number of different modes
  • Detailed skills report

  • No work space available for the user to write out work, if needed
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