MotionX GPS

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If you're looking for an incredibly detailed tool for navigating and recording tracks and waypoints on your next trek in outdoor education, then this is the app for you!

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App Overview


  • Functions as an advanced hand-held GPS unit!
  • Search/Map: Select destinations to navigate toward using your position, addresses, and saved waypoints
  • Waypoints: Identify geographic locations with a set of unique coordinates (latitude, longitude, and optional altitude)
  • Track Recorder: Record a track of hikes, runs, trips, and other outdoor activities
  • Compass: Display direction using built-in magnetometer
  • iPod media controls available from any page
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Instructional Ideas

Once you become familiar with maneuvering through this complex application, you can take the role of the knowledgeable guide on your next outdoor adventure with your class, highlighting outdoor navigation skills and geographic positioning along the way.

Classroom Considerations

This app may be difficult for each learner to use on an individual tablet, so much is dependent on the instructor. Consequently, you may need other adult support on an excursion or to spend time preparing to explain the app's navigation to a group of learners.


  • Wide range of navigation tools from accurate GPS and compass, to distance measurement and music library
  • Descriptive and valuable help tool

  • There is a bit of a learning curve involved in use of this app, so it may be most effective if primarily used by instructor
  • Tablet will need clear view of sky to give accurate position information