Morphemic Elements

This Morphemic Elements activity & project also includes:

Morphemes are the focus of eight learning activities designed to boost vocabulary skills. Scholars play learning games and work with word and phrase cards. Topics include affixes and roots with a spotlight on meanings and producing words. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have activities easily accessible in large envelopes or bins so learners can play when they finish tasks early 
  • Make learning activities part of ELA center rotations—assign one activity per center and rotate as time permits 
  • For those that need extra practice outside of school, send an activity home for pupils to complete with their family 
Classroom Considerations

  • A set of activities are the third of five sets in a larger unit 
  • Each activity requires a variety of supplies and copies 
  • The duration may differ depending on your schedule 

  • Instruction pages are written thoroughly and in detail 
  • Worksheets and game pieces are well designed with a clear and easy-to-read format

  • None