Modeling Air Masses and Fronts

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Air, based on temperature, moves across the surface of the earth. These large masses of warm or cold air are called fronts. Scholars model different air masses containing various temperatures and create both cold and warm fronts.

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NGSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Show a short video depicting a warm and cold front colliding and the result of this meeting
  • After the lab, show weather maps that include labeled fronts and have pairs of learners predict the weather at the points where different fronts meet
Classroom Considerations
  • Lab assumes learners understand how clouds form and that they know what condensation and precipitation mean
  • Pupils use matches to conduct the experiment
  • Gives inquiry levels at the end of the lab
  • Resource provides correlated readings with Lexile levels
  • Investigation includes conclusion questions
  • Does not give the temperature of water needed to perform the lab