Microsoft® PowerPoint 2010: Beginners

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Presentations are a key feature of 21st Century learning. While many class members may already be familiar with Microsoft's PowerPoint, what about kids who are not? Never fear, help is here with a tutorial designed to help beginners develop their skills. Rich in detail, packed with screenshots, and tips, the manual is just what you need.

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Instructional Ideas

  • If you're new to PowerPoint, set aside a chunk of time to familiarize yourself with the various features and create a PowerPoint of your own
  • Have experienced PowerPointers use the resource and conduct a tutorial for class members new to the process
Classroom Considerations

  • The tutorial requires considerable class time and requires computer and Internet access

  • The tutorial includes 28 separate lessons, step-by-step directions, screen shots, and detailed explanations for how to use the various features

  • The manual presumes users have access to a computer loaded with the software