Mi Casa: Rooms of the House

Get to know a boy, his family, and their home with this collection of materials for your Spanish class. Learners will pick up all sorts of vocabulary as they learn about the rooms in a house, all of the items in those rooms, and all of the people in family who use the rooms and items.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Add this into your current vocabulary unit or use the words here as the basis for a unit
  • Pick and choose your favorites or use all the worksheets
  • Send these home for homework, assign a few for starters, and keep a few aside for when you have a substitute teacher
Classroom Considerations
  • The worksheet begins with a song, but only provides lyrics (not the tune); you may wish to come up with your own tune or just use more like a poem
  • Includes a variety of different exercises to help reinforce vocabulary
  • Characters presented throughout the worksheets give the exercises a little something extra
  • Does not include answer keys for all the worksheets; keys are included for the word puzzles only