Measuring Speed

Physicists say speed is relative, but most police officers disagree. Scholars experiment with the variables that relate to speed. They learn the importance of both time and distance and apply that knowledge to graphical models.


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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Extend the concept by cutting pool noodles in half lengthwise and having scholars design the fastest way to get a marble to travel across it if it has to start no higher than 12" off the ground
Classroom Considerations
  • Before the lesson, build ramps and designate areas for each group to complete their work
  • Ensure there is an open space to complete the walking portion of the assignment, such as a long hallway or sidewalk
  • Lesson follows a 5E format
  • Addresses the common misconceptions held by pupils
  • Connects science and math topics
  • None