Measure Angles in Standard Position Using the Coordinate Plane

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The mechanics of measuring angles is a skill that is often taken for granted in an upper-level math class. This clear and detailed video presentation bridges the gap between identifying angles in geometry, and using their unit-circle representations in trigonometry. Working in both radians and degrees, the presenter covers orienting the angle on the coordinate plane, positive and negative directions of measurement, and identifying coterminal angles. With clearly labeled diagrams and detailed processes, this lesson is a great remediation or introduction tool to have in your repertoire.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Extend by creating a memory-style game where matching cards are different coterminal angles
  • Assign as pre-class viewing in a flipped classroom model
  • One possible application is to identify angles in pictures and then orient the coordinate grid appropriately to measure the pictured angle
Classroom Considerations

  • Use of this lesson plan requires registration for a free LearnZillion account
  • Video viewing requires an updated Adobe Flash player and Internet 
  • Slides to match the video presentation reside under the Additional Materials tab on LearnZillion
  • Lesson presented assumes the class has prior instruction in measuring angles in both degrees and radians

  • Includes examples of radian and degree measures, as well as positive and negative angles
  • Clearly articulated and pleasantly voiced narration
  • Common misunderstandings identified and explained
  • Emphasis on unit circle theory, not just mechanics

  • No extra or independent practice problems provided
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