Mayan Mysteries

Who is Ladrone? Join Fiona and Charlie as they accompany their Uncle Alex to Guatemala to help Chief Mateo determine the identity of the elusive Ladrone and solve Mayan mysteries. Players of this interactive game learn much about Mayan history and culture, examine artifacts, practice Mayan math, explore the Mayan calendar, and witness the destruction caused by looters.

5th - 10th Social Studies & History 42 Views 25 Downloads
App Overview

The story elements of Mayan Mysteries are presented as a graphic novel. Players can read the dialogue balloons or press the Speaker button to hear the conversations.

An exclamation point above characters' heads indicates they have facts to share or a challenge to offer. Players click on the symbol and complete the challenge to advance through the game

Players can check on their achievements, the number of artifacts found, and their scores on puzzles.

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Instructional Ideas

Although groups could share a tablet and work cooperatively, the game is designed for one player at a time

Classroom Considerations
  • If the clues do not help a player solve a puzzle or challenge, there is no way to advance in the game
  • Genius, aficionado, perfectionist and superstar options ensure that even the strongest players are challenged
  • The length of the game ensures hours of engagement
  • Well worth the one-year license fee of $9.99 for a class of up to 30 students
  • Many interactive features
  • Players can pause, stop, and resume play
  • Back button permits players to review 
  • If stuck, explorers can tap Clues for help
  • Club option in the school edition permits players to compare scores worldwide
  • Will not accept some usernames
  • No repeats on missed challenge questions
  • Challenge quizzes timed and very fast.
  • Little help provided for math problems that require the use of symbols and glyphs 
  • Players can not advance until they complete a challenge