Matchmaking: Interests and Careers

How can people be sure that their personalities and career choices are a match made in heaven? Young adults look inward at the attitudes, emotions, and interests that make them suited for certain vocations during the sixth and final lesson plan in a series of ninth grade college and career activities. Learners assess their likes and dislikes, then generate and analyze a list of suitable occupations.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Have pupils compare their results, then pair them up for research
  • As a starter, have individuals make a list of words that describe their personalities
Classroom Considerations

  • If there is no district-wide aptitude test available, have the class complete a free online test


  • The resource clearly illustrates the link between aptitude and attitude in career planning
  • Combining self-assessment and research is a great way to expose the class to many different jobs

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