Map Your Mathematical Road Trip!

This Map Your Mathematical Road Trip! activity & project also includes:

Starting in New Jersey, learners must travel the United States, cross through nine states, and then get back to New Jersey where they started. While solving problems, learners plot the points on their map graph and connect the points in order to represent the path taken. The second part of the project instructs pupils to identify the states that have a positive rate of change, zero rate of change, and a negative rate of change, and to explain how they know.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Adapt the lesson to be completed during the school year versus over the summer
Classroom Considerations

  • Tailor the first two pages to meet your specific requirements
  • Best suited for upper middle schoolers or beginning high schoolers

  • The 10-page packet includes the procedures, the reproducibles, a map divided into four quadrants, a rubric, and provides links to interactive maps and reference videos
  • Includes a rate of change formula for individuals to reference

  • Does not provide an answer key