Making Evidence-Based Claims: Woman's Rights

American women have been working toward equal rights since the ink dried on the Declaration of Independence. Focused on the words and actions of Sojourner Truth, Shirley Chisholm, and Venus Williams, a language arts lesson takes eighth graders through three centuries of brave women stepping forward to create a more balanced future for the next generation. Learners formulate evidence-based claims based on the information text in the lesson, and carry their claims through well-crafted essays and group discussions.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Use with any skill level, from advanced readers to struggling learners
  • Pair the unit with social studies in a focus on women's rights and equality
  • Have individuals find examples of modern inequality across the world in newspapers, magazines, or television news
Classroom Considerations
  • The second unit in a series of four, which address an array of literacy skills
  • Page 6 maps the unit outline in terms of learning objectives and scaffolding
  • Aligned to Common Core writing, reading, and speaking and listening standards
  • Each lesson includes instructional tips and discussion questions
  • Comes with all reading passages and worksheets needed
  • Provides an alternate summative assessment for the final part of the unit
  • None