Lose It! – Calorie Counter and Weight Loss Tracker

Record calorie and nutritional content, exercise, and weight loss with this functional application. As part of a nutrition or health class, open the eyes of teenagers to the make-up of what they really eat. Encourage healthy habits by having learners track their intake and output of calories.

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App Overview

Features (Tappable icons on the left side of screen):

  • Home: Overview of calories, nutritional content, net calories, weight loss, and exercise activity by day or by week
  • Log: Press the + in the upper right corner to add food or exercise. Arrows on either side of the date allow you to scroll to other entries 
  • Motivate: View the status of friends who also use the app, activities, badges earned, form groups, and more
  • Goals: A graph and overview of weight gained or lost
  • Settings
    • Edit Foods & Exercise
    • Application Preferences
    • Summary Reports
    • Lose It! Account
    • Apps & Devices
    • Get Premium Features
    • About Lose It!
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Rating Details

  • Adherence to task
  • Worth the money

    Even for free, there are other free apps available that serve the same purpose

  • Fun factor

    Cute little icons for different foods make it visually appealing, but that's about it

  • Scaffolding of learning

    It is not easy to use and no instruction is provided

  • User safety

    Option to participate in an online community

  • Control and feedback

    A passcode can be created for privacy

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

Because Lose It! is a free application, have physical education or health class members obtain the app and participate in a nutrition tracking project.

Classroom Considerations

Since only one person can use the app per mobile device, this will only be useful to your health and physical education learners if they can download it onto their own devices. During class, however, this tool can also be accessed through the developer website if you have computers available.

Although it can be a satisfactory tracking tool, there are other apps that serve the same purpose while being more straightforward and easier to use.


  • Displays calorie intake scale as part of a budget
  • A pie graph portrays fat, carbohydrate, and protein content of food eaten
  • Option to set up a passcode for privacy purposes
  • App information accessible via Internet
  • Ability to participate in community, which has been proven beneficial in making lifestyle changes

  • Only one user per tablet
  • Not the most intuitive design