Linear and Exponential Modeling with Two Variables

Hands-on activities allow beginners to model and graph equations with two variables. The lesson begins with evaluation and discussion of prepared linear graphs. Next, learners use math manipulatives to generate data, graph data, and then write equations.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Place the various tools for finding distance around the coins in the front of the room;  have a student from each group obtain only the materials the group will use in order to eliminate off-task behavior when there are too many temptations on the desks
Classroom Considerations
  • Gather the required manipulatives before the lesson
  • Print graphs ahead of time and have them ready at the beginning of the activity
  • Handout included to help those who are struggling to find the equation for the rectangle activity
  • Mythbuster video sparks interest
  • Manipulatives help bring an abstract lesson down to a concrete level
  • None
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