Let Me See Your Double Helix…

This Let Me See Your Double Helix… unit also includes:

Math and science come together in a unit about genetics and cell biology. Middle schoolers learn about the whorls of their hair and the dimples in their cheeks with hands-on activities, online projects, and collaborative assignments feature scientific concepts and math skills.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Bridge the lesson over a math and science class, or incorporate elements of both subjects
  • Have learners work on some of the activities at home with parents
  • Divide your class into small groups and rotate them through stations that feature each activity and experiment
  • Encourage learners to choose one of their genetic traits, and track it through their family tree as far back as they can
Classroom Considerations
  • Unit is not organized clearly, but the lessons and materials are valuable
  • Comes with all necessary materials and auxiliary resources
  • Many worksheets would be great for homework to reinforce what you've taught
  • Many of the extension links are broken or not available anymore