Lesson 15 - Soft G and Soft C

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New Review

The names Cindy and Carrie start with the same letter, but have very different sounds. The 15th of 17 word recognition lessons focuses on the soft C sound found in Cindy and the soft G sound found in Gene. Direct instruction starts with encoding skills, having readers write familiar words containing the sounds while guided and independent practice activities focus on decoding words using graphic organizers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Give puppets names that use soft C and soft G sounds and use them to help point out other words containing the sounds
  • Clap out the syllables of words like in previous lessons to reinforce the skill
Classroom Considerations

  • Create flashcards before beginning the lesson

  • Contrasts soft sounds with hard sounds
  • Introduces many grade-level appropriate vocabulary words

  • Combines sounds for activities, although it tells teachers to teach them separately
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