Lesson 1: Introduce The Unit And Read Dragonfly, By Georgia Heard

After being introduced to a 16-lesson unit, budding poets take part in a grand conversation and interpret a reading of the free-verse poem "Dragonfly" by Georgia Heard. Small groups work together to create and perform a dance that showcases their understanding of a poem focusing on its sensory details. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Display the I Can statement at the start of the lesson, and revisit the statement at the end of the lesson to discuss whether or not learners met the objective
  • Take musical breaks leading up to the unit to create an environment in which pupils feel comfortable dancing in front of their peers
  • Preview interpretive dance videos for a visual example of what groups will be assigned to complete 
Classroom Considerations

  • This lesson is the first of 16 within a poetry-themed unit 
  • Requires several copies per class member 

  • The lesson plan is written in detail along with helpful tips and a suggested script
  • Lesson parts are linked at the top of the webpage for easy navigation 
  • Boosts gross motor skills 

  • None