Language Central for Science Earth Science Edition

In a must-have app for any beginning earth science learner, you can study flashcards, play trivia, or try to feed a hungry chameleon with letters to fill in the blanks in a vocabulary spelling game. Covering many of the important introductory concepts in geosciences, this free app is fun and informative.

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App Overview

The earth science version of Language Central includes the features listed below for Earth's StructuresEarth's SurfaceWater and the Atmosphere, and Astronomy and Space Science. 



  • Vocabulary words and definitions
  • Listen to the flashcard by pressing the speaker button at the top left of the card
  • Swipe left or right to change cards


  • 10 multiple choice questions
  • Keep track of your score
  • Some questions change when you retake the quiz

Word Fly:

  • Read the definition, look at the blank spaces, then pick a letter
  • If correct, letters will fill in
  • Incorrect letters will produce a strike; three strikes and you're out
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Instructional Ideas
  • Encourage kids to download on their own devices
  • Remedial review for struggling learners
  • Project on your classroom screen to review as a class
  • If pupils have their own devices, they can work with partners to quiz each other with flashcards
  • Content review before standardized testing
Classroom Considerations
  • In Word Fly, the first letter of the word is not always present in the original group of letters (can't spell the word in order)
  • Sometimes when a letter is tapped in Word Fly, by the time the chameleon gets to it, a different letter is in that place, causing a wrong answer strike
  • Free
  • Fun format for kids
  • Designed for mobile device; no tablet option
  • Multiple choice questions can be easy to figure out