It’s the Heart of the Matter

This It’s the Heart of the Matter lesson plan also includes:

Get the class jumping for joy with a fascinating look at matters of the heart. Learners perform physical tasks, collect and analyze heart rate data, and study conditions that affect heart health. Use the action-packed lesson plan to guide learners through a series of activities designed to illustrate how responsive the human heart is to everyday situations.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Provide extensions for learners in advanced classes to expand on factors that influence heart rate
  • Consider printing copies of homework articles to distribute to individuals with no Internet access at home
Classroom Considerations

  • Review student records prior to completing the experiment to determine if conditions are safe for all classmates to participate; prepare an alternative for those not participating due to health conditions

  • The subject matter is very relatable to pupils in this age group
  • All printable materials needed are located in the lesson plan

  • Contains some grammatical errors in inclusion statements