Introduction to Google Docs

If you're planning on using Google Docs in your classroom, think about bringing in this introductory slideshow first. The presentation guides learners through creating a Google account, creating new projects, and sharing what they've made, as well as tracking their edits through the revision history feature.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Include in a computer literacy seminar for parents of your class members
  • Send the slideshow home for learners to watch and master before returning to class
  • Project the slideshow before your collaborative project on Google Docs, or when implementing an assignment storage system online
Classroom Considerations
  • Even though the slideshow is designed for a library resource center, it would be a great addition to any class where learners needed Google Docs
  • There is a lot of text on each slide, making it a better resource for individual study than for showing a large group of learners
  • Each slide contains step-by-step instructions, as well as screenshots of the process
  • Takes learners through different processes in Google Docs, allowing them to become proficient in very little time
  • This first slide is the table of contents
  • Contains some grammatical and punctuation mistakes