Influence of Media on Society

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The teenagers in your class have seen dozens of media messages between the last time you saw them and the moment they walk through your classroom door again. Help them make sense of what they are being told by corporations, news outlets, and political campaigns with an analytical lesson about evaluating media messages. After reading an informative page about the strategies for decoding these messages, learners choose one of three prompts about the portrayal of women in advertisements, violence on television and the news, and the political process.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign topics to small groups and have them present their findings and conclusions in front of the class
  • Use the prompts as a final written assignment for a unit on persuasive or evaluating claims
Classroom Considerations

  • Though the lesson is designed for high schoolers, it is applicable and accessible for middle schoolers as well

  • Topics are relevant and engaging to readers of all levels
  • Encourages teenagers to take a critical eye to the advertisements that surround them every day

  • Lesson requires some scaffolding and support, depending on how thoroughly you want learners to research their topics