Inferring Theme (Chapter 7, "A Falling Eagle")

This Inferring Theme (Chapter 7, "A Falling Eagle") lesson plan also includes:

As your class nears the end of the book Eagle Song, young readers stop to self-assess their progress toward the learning goals of this unit before continuing on with the story. This short, but effective self-assessment requires learners to describe in writing what they have done in order to meet each of the four learning targets. From there, the teacher reads aloud the first few pages of chapter 7 before providing independent reading time, during which young scholars identify supporting evidence as they answer the chapter's text-dependent questions. Unfortunately, there are some typos and formatting errors with the included supporting materials. If you follow the link provided in the additional materials for this resource, you can download the instructional activity as a Word document and correct those mistakes yourself.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Differentiated to support all learners
  • Provides clear learning goals
  • Includes a variety of instructional methods

  • Requires a class set of the book Eagle Song by Joseph Bruchac
  • Formatting errors in the supporting materials