Indian Removal

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The year is 1835. The issue is the legality of the removal of the Cherokee people from Georgia. The question is whether the Cherokee should be forced to move to the Indian Territories. After examining and annotating primary and secondary source materials, class members prepare for and engage in a Structured Academic Controversy (SAC) discussion before drafting their own position on the question. The packet includes all the materials needed to prepare participants for the activities.

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CCSS: Designed
  • The carefully structured plan begins by asking class groups to craft an eight-word summary of their primary source document, identify the claim of the resource, and annotate the document following specific directions
  • Class members prepare for the discussion by collecting reasons, evidence, and counterclaims for each topic covered
  • After completing the SAC, individuals craft their own stance on the topic and use evidence drawn from the resources to support their claim
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