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Have a whale of a time developing problem solving skills with these ocean-themed word problems. This is an excellent resource that brings math to life for young learners.

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CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

Develop math skills while learning about the amazing diversity of life in the oceans. With three levels of difficulty to choose form, this resource is accessible to a wide range of grade levels. A unique multiple choice format provides a sequential list of numbers to scroll through in order find the right answer. If a selected answer is wrong, unlimited attempts are allowed to find the correct solution. With no time limit, users can choose how many questions they want to answer, skipping those that are too difficult or cover unfamiliar topics.

Level 1:

  • Problems include numbers less than 20
  • Addition and subtraction of two numbers
  • Eleven possible answers to choose from

Level 2:

  • Problems include numbers less than 200
  • Addition and subtraction of two numbers
  • Understanding unit fractions as division
  • Twenty-six possible answers to choose from

Level 3:

  • Problems include numbers less than 1,000
  • Addition and subtraction of two numbers
  • Double-digit multiplication
  • Multiplying whole numbers by fractions
  • Finding the circumference and area of a circle
  • Fifty-one possible answers to choose from
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Instructional Ideas

  1. A great resource for connecting math with a study of ocean life.
  2. Use this application as a weekly assignment in a math class, adjusting the level of difficulty and number of questions to address the individual needs of students.
  3. Work through these problems as a whole class, teaching different strategies for solving story problems.
  4. Provide this as an option for early finishers of math and science lessons.
Classroom Considerations

Results including each question, the chosen answers, and overall score can be e-mailed to teachers. Be sure to provide students with instruction on how to correctly use this feature.

Discussion boards and the App Store are accessible by pressing the information button on the home screen. These features are intended for educators only, so be clear with the class that they are not to explore this part of the resource.


  • Word problems are accompanied by colorful images of related animals
  • Includes video clips from Animal Planet, National Geographic, Planet Earth, and other documentaries
  • Includes area and circumference equations to support learners answering questions about circles

  • Hints are not provided to support users when a selected answer is incorrect