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Majestic Asian wildlife brings math to life in this problem solving resource. Learners are provided with an endless supply of word problems that hone their addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills.

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CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

Simply choose from three levels of difficulty and begin applying math skills to these wildlife word problems. Scroll through a list of sequential numbers to locate and submit an answer. If the chosen number is incorrect, rework the problem and try again. There's no time limit and users can solve as many questions as they want, skipping those that are too difficult or cover unfamiliar material.

Level 1:

  • Problems include numbers less than 20
  • Use subtraction to calculate how much time has passed
  • Determine the hour of the day certain events will end using addition
  • Add up the number of animals observed by zoologists
  • Choose from 11 possible answers

Level 2:

  • Problems include numbers less than 50
  • Use multiplication to make rate calculations involving hours, days, and weeks
  • Determine the hour of the day certain events will end using addition
  • Calculate how much time has passed using subtraction 
  • Choose from 26 possible answers

Level 3:

  • Problems include numbers less than 100
  • Make two-step rate calculations requiring multiplication of two-digit numbers
  • Use the four basic operations to solve two-step problems
  • Calculate how much time has passed using subtraction
  • Apply an understanding of the relationship between days, weeks, months, and years
  • Choose form 51 possible answers 
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Instructional Ideas

  1. A great resource for connecting math with a study of Asian wildlife.
  2. Use this application as a weekly assignment in a math class, using the three levels of difficulty and adjusting the number of question to differentiate for individual students.
  3. Work through these problems as a whole class, teaching different strategies for solving story problems.
  4. Provide this as an option for early finishers during math and science lessons.
Classroom Considerations

This resource provides the option to e-mail results to teachers, including each question, the chosen answers, and an overall score. This can serve as a great assessment tool, but be sure to provide explicit instruction on how to correctly use this feature.

Access to discussion boards and the App Store is available by pressing the information button on the home screen. These features are intended for educators only, so be clear with the class that they are not to explore this part of the resource.


  • Provides vivid pictures of the animals described in the word problems
  • Includes clips of documentaries and video footage of different Asian wildlife
  • Word problems present a variety of real-world contexts for using math

  • Includes some videos that are unavailable for viewing
  • Does not provide tips or hints to support learners