I Can Make a Choice

A instructional activity designed to decrease a scholar's affective filter walks scholars through the decision-making process. Presented with two choices, educators think out loud the pros and cons of each one to model how they come to a decision. Scholars follow the same process, choosing between two or more items. Visual aids assist in the decision-making process. 

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas

  • Talk casually with the child to learn their likes and dislikes, to enhance engagement create visual choices that interest the learner
  • Keep notes on how the lesson goes, any observations, and progress made—be prepared to share your findings during Special Education meetings or Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Discuss the lesson's objective with the child's parents or guardians and offer tips for them to encourage the practice at home 
Classroom Considerations

  • This lesson is designed for one-on-one interaction between pupil and educator
  • Review the participant's IEP or 504 plan to ensure proper practices are being used 

  • Encourages smart decision-making skills that can help them in and outside of school 
  • Stresses the importance of creating a calm, welcoming environment 

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